Adam collaborated with Elliot Davis for tracks on the Andy Stocks album ‘Picking Up The Penny’, produced by Steve Levine, and later had the great pleasure of working with extraordinary Pop talent and 10cc founder Graham Gouldman.

With songs from those collaborations Adam made a few trips Stateside to test the waters, guided by some top folks including multi-platinum producer Peter Collins, multiple hit writer and Grammy nominee Annie Roboff and Billboard #1 hit writer Warren Pash.

After early interest in his work Adam took the decision to make his way across the pond to Nashville in mid 2009 thanks to the sponsorship of Industry legend Frank DiLeo, now and for always to be inextricably linked with the late, great King Of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Nashville provided the opportunity to work with many incredible talents, not just from within the famed Country Music business and Adam was delighted to write with the likes of worldwide #1 hit writers such as Chris Pelcer, Byron Hill, Steven Diamond and Michael Garvin.

After Swedish Independent Pop artist Christinah recorded one of Adam’s tracks in late 2010 Adam embarked on an album project with Heather Whyte, who had sung the original demo. ‘The Boyfriend Obituaries’, co-produced in Sweden with Jan Åkesson was completed in late 2011 and licensed with APM Music in early 2012.

In early 2012 Adam connected with Mike Dixon of Sodarock Entertainment, manager of some of the most successful independent writer/producers in modern music and an industry leader in talent development (Lana Del Rey, Jessie J) leading to collaboration with Sodarock and as an independent Writer/Producer, working on artist development projects.

The 6th Studio album ‘Monolith’ by Swedish Heavy Metal band StoneLake was released in March 2013, featuring 8 lyrics by Adam. Monolith has been fantastically received around the world, was great fun to work on and Adam has started work on the band’s 7th album. Lyrics to Monolith link here.

Next up, via a move to Brooklyn in late 2013, are a single ahead of the new album by Consuelo Costin, coming in late 2014, some more Musical Theatre releases and new music from Swedish bands SCOTTS and StoneLake. Check back for details...