Whilst still a student on the first year of The London School Of Musical Theatre (LSMT), then newly created and housed in London’s famous Old Vic Theatre, Adam was chosen to write the lyric for the end of year Showcase ‘Anthology’ with established West End Composer and Musical Director Charles Miller. Together they forged a long standing and prolific writing partnership, creating some of the best loved and most performed numbers of the New British Musical Theatre world, including the 1998 West End Cares Song of The Year ‘If You Were Mine’, and ‘One In The Morning’, which became staples of the West End concert circuit.

One year after ‘Anthology’ came the Gala Concert ‘Living On An Island’, performed at The Talk Of London, with an extraordinary cast of established and future stars of the West End and Broadway including such names as ‘Les Miserables’ stalwart Michael McCarthy, original and succeeding ‘Mamma Mia!’ cast members Linzi Hateley, Rosie Ashe, Louise Plowright and Melissa Jacques and Michael Windsor (Basil Brush) amongst many others.

Soon to follow was the award for Song of The Year along with the eponymous album ‘If You Were Mine’ and the Lindsey Danvers solo album ‘We Define Each Other - The Songs of Miller & Bard’, with 18 original songs.

Many cabaret and concert shows filled the next several years, with performances by yet more established West End and Broadway leading lights such as Robert Meadmore, Helen Hobson, Mary Stout and Lorraine Velez and then rising, but now established stars such as Josie Walker, Paul Spicer and Julie Atherton.

Songs followed for albums by Julie Atherton in 2007 (‘A Girl Of Few Words’) and Marc Joseph in 2008 (‘Clear Blue Sky’), joining Lindsey Danvers on the best sellers shelf at Covent Garden’s famous dedicated Musical Theatre store Dress Circle and after an interlude for Adam in EDM and Metal, Elliot Davis featured the song Gloria, co-written with Graham Gouldman on his Collaborations Album in 2013 and Miller & Bard have a new number on Julie Atherton’s 2014 release to look forward to.

Adam has had the great pleasure of working with some of the best graduating students from London’s Performing Arts schools before they became names in lights, such as Rosa O’Reilly, Emma Hatton and Jack Shalloo and is proud that the music is performed regularly, kept alive and fresh by successive new generations of actors and actresses choosing songs for audition and concert as they climb the career ladder from student to star.

Below is an alphabetical list of the most popular songs written with composer Charles Miller, performed or recorded variously across the years. Most had Adam writing the lyric and Charles the music, but those where Adam was also co-composer are marked by an asterisk.

Certain songs are available as scores and backing tracks online at Sheet Music Direct and many other stores

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All That Really Matters


Barfly Chat-Up

Battle Of The Senses

Be You and Be Happy*

Better Than You

Clever By Halves

Close To The Birds and Bees


Eating Alone

The Eyes Of The Blind**

Fair-weather Friends

Fear On The Run*

Five Years In The Making

Forever and A Day

Friends Of Friends

Hate Your Friends

Heaven As Well

Here In Loyola

How Does One Heart Learn To Break Another?*

How It Used To Be

I Became Someone

If You Were Mine

In A Place Called Home

Inclination For Love

Jewel In The Mire

Maybe In Spring

Me and My Heart

New Year Resolutions

No She Never Did*

Not Afraid Anymore

Oh What A Mess She Made*

One In The Morning

Only Me For Me For Now

Over and Over*

Poker Quartet (Relationships)*

Return Of The Light

So Perfect

Somebody Find My Heart*

Staying For Good*

The Season Of Being Alone

The Rules Of The Game

Theatrical Love


Three Lost Souls

Tired Of Feeling The Cold*


Walk The Walk*

We Could Have A Good TIme

We Define Each Other

When You Dream Of Love

** ‘The Eyes Of The Blind’ Performed by the late Charles Shirvell in several cabaret & concert shows. Thank you Charles.