Selected Shows

1995 Anthology

1996 Living On An Island

1997 Two Lost Souls

1997 In Our Hands

1998 Theatrical Love

1998 Where Do You Start?

1999 Music TheatreFest

2003 Mary Sings Miller

2004 Friends Like Us

2006 Not(es) From New York


1998 If You Were Mine

2000 We Define Each Other

2003 Picking Up The Penny

2006 A Girl Of Few Words

2008 Clear Blue Sky

2011 The Boyfriend Obituaries

2013 Monolith

2013 Collaborations

Piano/Vocal Sheet Music (link)

2003 The Charles Miller Songbook

2009 Cuckooland

2009 If You Were Mine

2009 One In The Morning

2009 Inclination For Love

Backing Tracks (link)

2009 How It Used To Be

2009 If You Were Mine

2009 In A Place Called Home

2009 Not Afraid Anymore

The Bridewell Theatre

The Talk Of London

Pizza On The Park

Brighton Dome

Wimbledon Theatre

Jermyn Street Theatre


Sams (New York)

Arts Theatre Covent Garden

Duchess Theatre

West End Cares / Various Artists

Lindsey Danvers (Re-released 2008)

Andy Stocks

Julie Atherton (Re-mastered for 2009)

Marc Joseph

Heather Whyte


Elliot Davis / Various Artists