Originally published between 2009 & 2011 Eaton Web Directory said:

“This blog is not for the weak-hearted and easily offended. If you are, however, up for an unconventional adventure, then Dr. Nostrum's Blogradigm might be your cup of tea. With scathing commentary on every single show and piece of news you can watch on television, Dr. Nostrum and Hutchback seem to be doing a one-on-one reality show of their own. If you can't handle the heat, get out immediately! Otherwise, stick around for oodles and oodles of offensive banter and merciless judgment. If you're famous, you're in the crosshairs. If not, good for you. Either way, brace yourself.”

About 30,000 robots agreed (before MySpace f***ed it).

Resurrected here for your displeasure, click the link to be offended.

Adult only content.

A daily blog reflecting on the experience of meditation practice, following the guidance of the weekly meditations posted by The Buddhist Society of Western Australia.

Written from a lay perspective, hopefully over time the blog will move from ignorance toward insight, but if not, well, you can laugh at me or with me...